A large part of Daniel’s sponsorship packages is hosting corporate track days. Over the years Daniel has become an expert at organizing and hosting these events and is eager to do more with companies that find a benefit.

“We have catered for everything from pairs of drivers, all the way to 30 plus participants on track days. It’s a great way for companies to spend quality time with their clients in a relaxed fun environment. A typical trackday for 12 people would include 3 different cars along with pro instructors and hot laps from myself at the end of the day. We have had cars from Porsche GT3’s and Super Changed Arial Atoms to Clio Cup cars. Please if you think this could work for your company get in touch and we can discuss options and prices.”



Chris Brooks…


My business has successfully used Dan Lloyd track days for the past 8 years to help forge stronger relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff. In this busy word, we found it increasingly difficult to persuade our customers to commit the time required for face-to-face meetings. We had to rely on email and phone communication which made it hard to build relationships of trust and to fully understand our customers’ needs.


We would invite customers to join us or organize competitions for our prospects to win a place on a Dan Lloyd track day. These really appealed to our customers and were well attended, especially as Dan is now a well-known and popular driver competing high-profile championships. The day was always professionally run, with a range of driving activities and Dan & the other pro-drivers he employs able to put our guests at ease such that they had a really memorable day. The format of the day allowed our staff plenty of opportunity to chat with our guests and to get to know them better, outside of the working environment with its associated distractions. On occasions, we would launch a new product or service at a track day with a short presentation but generally the atmosphere was really informal and relaxed.


Our guests always enjoyed the days and sent enthusiastic ‘thank you’ emails after the events. We found that this approach allowed us to build stronger relationships, benefiting our business for years after the event. I would highly recommend Dan Lloyd track days as part of the marketing mix of any organization.


Former Managing Director of Support Warehouse Limited (now retired)



Private Track days…


Daniel also hosts private track days for people who simply want to have a day of fun on the track and share the costs between themselves. Track days can be expensive but when shared between a few people they soon become great value for money.

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