As focus turns towards the final meeting of his 2022 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship campaign, Daniel Lloyd explains how a new partnership formed earlier this season has helped to keep him on track – in more ways than one…

“Since the accident at Oulton Park earlier in the year that threatened to derail my BTCC season, a huge amount of time and effort has gone into trying to find new partners to get involved in my racing programme.

“One of the first companies to come onboard after the incident was Technology Desking; a business known for supplying furniture solutions on a global basis to Blue Chip companies in a range of different industries.

“The new partnership couldn’t have come along at a better time, and not just because of the financial assistance that it provided as I tried to cover the costs of that Oulton Park accident.

“For a number of years, I’ve suffered with back pain as a result of a bulging disc, which is far from ideal when it comes to trying to forge a career on track – as race car seats are certainly not designed with comfort in mind.

“Through the years, I’ve worked with a physiotherapist on a rehab programme to deal with my bad back, but that programme had to be put to one side following the accident. However, that was where Technology Desking stepped up to the plate to help…

“Amongst an extensive portfolio of products, Technology Desking offers a special ‘Sit-Stand’ desk that is suitable for use in both the office and the home – and they were kind enough to provide me with one to use.

“At a time when I’ve had to spend more time than ever in front of my computer working on proposals, the new desk has been an absolute godsend in helping to minimise any pain in my back and – if anything – has actually helped with my ongoing rehabilitation.

“Being able to work standing up rather than sitting down is proven to reduce back pain as it removes some of the pressure that would exist if you are in a seated position for too long.

“It’s only now, having actually spent time using the new desk, that I’ve been able to fully appreciate that fact for myself and the difference has been noticeable. Not only do I find myself in less discomfort whilst working, I also find myself being more productive, because I don’t have to get up and move around to take a break and rest my back.

“Being able to spend that extra time working has obviously been crucially important in recent months, and having had my eyes opened to the benefits of using a stand up desk, I have no intention of swapping back to a ‘regular’ offering any time soon….”

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